The inside story of AmazeOwl

Here’s the story behind AmazeOwl…

From a tool that helped me launch my first successful Amazon products, to software that helps 1000’s of sellers start an Amazon business every month. 

Do you dream of being able to work anywhere you want to?

Or of being your own boss, running your own business and setting your own hours?

Hey, I’m Oleg Zaidiner, the CEO and co-founder of AmazeOwl. 

A few years ago, I wondered how so many people were living and working at exotic beaches all around the world.

And after speaking to a few of them, I found the answer –  they sold products on Amazon.

So in 2015, after selling my business, Deal Angel, that helped people find great deals for hotel rooms using the power of big data, I decided to start my own Amazon business.

But it wasn’t long before I noticed a problem…

Before launching products, you need detailed and accurate market data – otherwise, you won’t know if you have any chance of success.

But when I looked at the existing tools for Amazon sellers, I felt underwhelmed. All of them seemed too simple.

Coming from a background of data science, I knew that while some of the tools looked pretty, none of them had the accuracy of data or depth of analysis you actually need if you want to launch a product with confidence.

That’s when I knew I’d need to make my own solution.

At first, I created a messy spreadsheet that crunched all the complex data for me. But soon it grew into an advanced tool that I used to analyze markets and launch my products on Amazon.

With my products each selling 100+ pieces/day I began to travel and work around the world with my family. Thanks to selling on Amazon, we’ve lived in Bali, Vietnam, Thailand, Ukraine, and Israel to name a few.

In 2016, I decided to help other people achieve this too so I shared my tool in a few Facebook groups and AmazeOwl was born!

Since then, we’ve steadily grown and now AmazeOwl helps over 4,000 people every month take the first steps in starting their own Amazon business.

With AmazeOwl, my goals are to:

  • Help every Amazon Seller make wise decisions and confidently launch products backed by solid data.
  • Help people discover the freedom that selling on Amazon can bring. From working anywhere you want, setting your own hours, being your own boss and enjoying the journey.
  • Continue to grow AmazeOwl into an easy to use solution for Amazon sellers.

If you’re thinking about selling on Amazon, I’d love you to start your journey and experience the same freedom that I have by trying AmazeOwl. 

Oleg Zaidiner, CEO AmazeOwl