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Why go with AmazeOwl vs Jungle Scout?

If you’re here because you’re evaluating AmazeOwl vs Jungle Scout, or looking for Jungle Scout alternatives, then you’re already doing the right thing by finding a market research tool that will help you find your winning products on Amazon.

New FBA sellers don’t always know it, but the most powerful weapon in their arsenal is a market search tool.

You might have heard of product hunting, or product research. These are primordial, sure, and they were a well-kept secret a few years back. The problem is that everyone uses them these days. In short, what you need now is an ability to really understand where the niche products are and how they sell over time.

Now in recent years, two companies have become increasingly popular for that very purpose: Jungle Scout and AmazeOwl. 

But which one really delivers results for sellers, and especially new self-starting entrepreneurs? And what kind of features do you get with both anyway? Don’t worry, here’s our complete comparison guide between AmazeOwl vs Jungle Scout.

AmazeOwl Vs Jungle Scout Round 1: Pricing

AmazeOwl is one of the very few Amazon product search software that offers a completely free version. Sure, you don’t get support and it’s limited to 1 niche and 3 keywords. But if you’re curious about starting an Amazon FBA business, AmazeOwl is simply the best option.

After that, the prices are still very affordable compared to competitors. Let’s look at the prices (paid annually). 

  • Growth, for $12.99 a month gives you 10 tracked niches and 10 keywords, 50 products a month from the product database plus faster loading speed and customer support.
  • Established, for $19.99 a month is for 300 niches and 50 keywords, 200 products from the database and very fast loading speed.

With Jungle Scout, sadly, you cannot try the product unless you start paying straight away. Paid yearly, this will cost you:

  • $19 a month for the Chrome extension, limited to 10 searches in the product database
  • $39 a month for the software only: unlimited searches, but limited to 500 monthly orders
  • $49 a month for the extension and software: same as above, plus adds more advanced features (more on that below)

Winner: Clearly, there is a huge advantage in starting with AmazeOwl. The free plan is powerful enough, and the paid ones are more affordable.

But there’s more: when you realize how many FBA newbies never become full time sellers, it almost seems like Jungle Scout operates on a business model that purposefully locks them into an needlessly expensive contract. So AmazeOwl’s free plan is really a breath of fresh air in the market of FBA software.

Here’s an article where AmazeOwl’s founder shares his history and vision regarding AmazeOwl in more detail.

Round 2: Search Features

AmazonOwl and Jungle Scout are pretty different in how they extract product data, but the idea is the same: helping you find goods that will sell well, and for a hefty profit. 

The key thing to understand is that both companies look at different data points, and also calculate how good an opportunity is with different algorithms. There’s a lot to compare, so it helps to look at it in table form:

AmazeOwlJungle Scout
Keyword searchYesYes
Best sellersYesNo
Product DatabaseYesYes
Niche SearchYesYes
Product TrackingYesYes
Keyword Monitoring  YesYes
Market AnalysisYesNo
Competitor ResearchYesYes

So you can see most of the search functions are similar, but let’s go into more detail with AmazeOwl’s Market analysis tool. This is where the core difference lies, as it’s a powerful way to extract data such as: 

  • Monthly Searches
  • Google Trends
  • How many competitors are selling this product
  • How many reviews there are for this product on Amazon
  • Ease of Entry
  • Consumer buy price
  • Median price
  • Net Profits
  • Etc…

Best of all, you’ll get an overview of how these numbers are affected on a seasonal basis, or delivered via different graphics forms, which will really help you get a better view of how profitable a product can be.

Winner: the in-depth market analysis from AmazeOwl is the killer feature here. Superficial product research software is a dime a dozen these days, which is fine if you want to get the info on an Amazon product page faster. 

But to really understand where the valuable items are without manually going over every single one, you’ll need to go in-depth. This extra research dimension is what makes AmazeOwl the winner in this round too.

Round 3: Extra Features

Firstly, both AmazeOwl and Jungle Scout offer great extra features for sellers, and the option to use their tools via Chrome extensions or web app for MacOs and Windows.

But Jungle Scout is a more mature company than AmazeOwl, and you can see it in the number of extra features they’ve implemented over the years. So you will get a few extra options that you can’t find elsewhere , such as:

  • Listing builder: to design a listing based around keywords you found
  • Finding suppliers: use their own database to cut out the middle man
  • Marketing options: hire marketers directly from the Jungle Scout dashboard

Winner: Jungle Scout has simply more optional features that help around your store.

Round 4: Support

We’ve already mentioned how AmazeOwl support isn’t available for free users – which seems fair. Note that you do get access to the excellent AmazeOwl Academy, which is a resource on understanding how to get started in the FBA world, even with the free plan.

Now when you choose a paid plan, you get dedicated customer support, and you can also ask questions on their Facebook page.

With Jungle Scout, you also get support on all paid plans (once again, there is no free plan), and that includes 24/7 support. There’s also tons of online resources, which anyone can browse to understand more about FBA selling.

Winner: A tie – both platforms offer good support options for their users.

AmazeOwl Vs Jungle Scout – Which One Should You Choose?

Of course, every FBA seller’s needs are different. But based on what we’ve covered in this post, here the core differences between the two products:

  • AmazeOwl: Their dedication to providing a free plan and free resources makes them a clear winner for FBA sellers who are new to the business. And if you want to grow your store, their market research data is really what you need. You get fantastic product search tools, but also a complete understanding of product trends, and history over time, which is the only way to remain competitive and profitable these days.
  • Choose Jungle Scout: Decent features, albeit a bit pricey. Probably good if you already have a successful FBA business and need to test their extra marketing features. But as a new seller, why would you lock yourself into a pricey contract when you’re just testing the waters?

Bonus: Want to find out your Amazon Readiness Score? Take the quiz and find out your chances at succeeding on Amazon.

Hope this post helps, and happy hunting!